Wholesale Foodservice Customers


Webermans Traditional Foods is committed to providing delicious Glatt Kosher Foods that maintain flavor, texture and appearance for your dining pleasure. The following easy handling procedures will enable your food server to present the foods in a respectful and dignified manner that will guarantee kashrus & customer satisfaction.


All food products are Wrapped and Sealed in a Kosher Certified Package, and need to be thawed before serving. Foods that require heating are sent in Dual Therm Containers that are microwaveable / ovenable. Recommended heating is 250 Fahrenheit Degrees, 45 minutes do not to exceed 350 F. Meals can be heated in standard oven with a CLEAN Steam table or sheet pan wrapped in aluminum foil. For Microwave use, place meal on paper doily and vent corners of package with a pin hole puncture. Heat from 1 to 5 minutes or until completely hot.


Service is known to be an important part of any Dinning experience. Kosher Guests also deserve the same treatment. Even though Meals are heated in A Kosher Certified Package, the presentation can be done with a special touch of elegance that the Facilities Wait Staff provides. Waiters bring the Guest the heated meal placed on your regular Dinner plate with a paper doily and your standard plate cover. This enables service of a hot meal. At the time of service, the Waiter Presents the meal to the Guest, showing that it is sealed in the Kosher Certified Package. Then, the Waiter suggests that the meal could be opened for your convenience. It should be opened on a side stand, after wrappings are removed the food tray should be placed on Guest?s plate with paper doily.

Webermans is Glatt Kosher, Cholov Yisroel, Pas & Bishel Yisroel. We are certified by the O.U. which is recognized worldwide for its high standard of Kashrus.

Enjoy your meal.

We are available to assist you with any questions pertaining to Kosher Products or Handling Procedures, please contact us.